REAL CHOICE, a personal message & anytime 60 day FREE CQG TRIAL

A message from Stephen Cox, founder of MRI Trading Signals and publisher of the MRI 3D Report:

“I hope you found my MRI 3D introduction video to be informative and interesting too.  Feel free, in making the positive decision to utilize the UNIQUE PERFORMANCE BASED MRI 3D trading signal service, for just 30 days to start, to give yourself a little time to scan a few of my unique charts. They’re shown in various articles, displaying basic MRI 3D logic explicitly, revealed only here.  ANNUAL subscriptions are available for your convenience, priced at a discounted lower flat upfront fee, without the minimum, for those members satisfied with MRI’s ability to benefit their trading performance.”

“Once you subscribe, it will become much easier to disregard personal bias about the name of a chart or individual signals.  Once you GET IT you may wonder, as I do, why mainstream traders rely on so many technical studies- to the exclusion of other chart frames, hidden – yet there all the time!  Looking through the 4 chart frames drills down markets more transparently, in application within various time frames, to the exclusion of all other widely used indicators or studies.  The single chart frame reality drives traders to every kind of additional, and in my opinion, unnecessary market study.”

To survive and prosper in this DARWINIAN game of “eat or be eaten” it is of paramount importance to understand the market’s charts better than others.  You’ll probably see in my unique charts the myriad ways they tell their truth, as they self evidentially go beyond convention and HIVE MIND analysis.  At the end of the day ask yourself two questions: ‘Is MRI 3D divulging a clearer language of the market than any you’ve seen before ?’ and ‘Is it logical having access to more detailed and clearer MRI 3D will improve my trading?’ We’re ready to help you achieve your goals and by making the initial decision to subscribe, it should just get easier.”

MRI 3D allows you to trade markets you haven’t traded or even dislike, by showing you a clear familiarity across a wide variety of markets, allowing you to feel more comfortable trading, without fixating on the name of the chart.  The MRI 3D subscription will teach you the popularity of a market isn’t important, rather the quality of that market’s feedback is important.

Perhaps you’ve already seen with your own eyes, within our featured MRI Trading Signals TIME/PRICE articles, in utilizing our UNIQUE DEPTH of 4 chart frames, what words alone cannot simply describe.  MRI Trading Signals MRI 3D charts take on a mathematically beautiful, perhaps even spiritual dimension. They certainly do for me.  I invite you to try us out.  The first step should be a relatively painless one.” – Stephen Cox, developer of MRI 3D

You have three choices.  The REAL choice is clear.  Every journey begins with the first step.  Subscribe today.

CHOICE # 1:  You COULD simply allow yourself to ignore the reality of what you see here.  You COULD pass up our PERFORMANCE BASED MRI 3D 30 day subscription and continue doing the same, somehow expecting a better outcome.

CHOICE # 2:  You COULD tell yourself  “I’m just a hobby trader having fun, like live chat rooms and day trading the E-mini SP’s and don’t really need to treat trading so seriously”, to which I would opine, once you actually try trading MRI 3D you will probably evolve your current preference.  It’s an eye opening experience.

(THE REAL) CHOICE # 3:  You utilize MRI 3D for your trading edge making a commitment to your trading.  MRI is unique in making a commitment to your trading with our PERFORMANCE BASED subscription fee and in our cutting edge TIME PRICE within DEPTH of 4 chart frame analysis, NO ONE ELSE HAS. While there cannot be a guarantee of “wealth without worry” or other such hype,  MRI does offer the unvarnished reality of what the markets have to tell us, within their 3 DIMENSIONS.  Best of all, MRI works hard directly for our mutual success. 

IMHO, the following quote certainly applies to life choices as well as trading, whether or not you like her books.

 “You can hide from reality, but you cannot hide from the consequences of hiding from reality. “ – Ayn Rand






FREE 60 DAY CQG TRIAL OFFER EXCLUSIVELY FOR MRI SUBSCRIBERS:  Stephen Cox has used CQG (COMMODITY QUOTE GRAPHICS) exclusively since 1989.  CQG has kindly made this unique offer available FOR MRI SUBSCRIBERS.  As stated, MRI 3D subscribers DO NOT require any real time data, however if you already have it then you owe it to yourself to try CQG.  ALONG WITH YOUR MRI 3D REPORT SUBSCRIPTION THE FREE 60 DAY TRIAL to CQG, MAY START ANYTIME YOU WISH.  ZERO EXCHANGE FEES FOR the first 30 DAYS = approximately a $1,000 VALUE, as an MRI 3D subscriber. Then, if you’d like, you may receive an additional 30 days- only paying the EXCHANGE FEES- another $500 value!

Contact Melody Baker at for your free trial.  Put “MRI- CQG 60 DAY TRIAL” in the subject line of your email.  She will confirm with us that you are a subscriber and you are good to go.