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The information we publish is based on our independent research as well as third party financial data (quotes).  Although we make every effort to provide the most accurate and updated information possible, our information cannot take into consideration your personal finances and goals, and therefore is not intended to be used as customized recommendations to buy, hold, or sell securities, or to engage in any trading strategy, or that an investment strategy is suitable for any specific person.  Such recommendations may only be made by a personal investment advisor or broker you select.

MRI will not advise you personally concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular trade, transaction, security, investment strategy or other matter based on your individual situation.  Accordingly, do not attempt to contact us seeking personalized investment advice which we cannot provide.

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Your MRI Trading Report Subscription DOES NOT automatically renew.  We want you to make a conscious choice to renew and commit to your trading each month/year.

MRI Trading Signals automatically issues a FULL CREDIT REFUND of the subscription fee in the event the $30,000 hypothetical trading account shows less than a 6% return (exclusive of commissions, exchange fees or variable slippage on orders), during any 30 day subscription period.  (The REFUND guarantee does not apply to 1 YEAR subscriptions, already pro rata discounted.)  Refunds are issued on (or before) the weekend following the 30 day subscription period expiration, independent of a 30 day subscription renewal, meaning we “cannot roll the subscription over”.

A wealth of free information is contained in the Articles and charts on the home page to educate you on the value, validity and unique nature of the information we share.  We want you to commit to your trading during the 30 calendar days by following the trading signals contained in the MRI 3D reports, posted around or after the new session open 5pm Central/6pm Eastern.  If you feel you cannot commit attention to trading, please do not subscribe until you can and will.  We want you to be successful, as your success is our success.


Since MRI Report Subscriptions are not automatically renewed there is never a need to cancel.


It is the subscriber’s responsibility to protect their password and keep login information private.  Sharing of login information is strictly prohibited and may result in your account being locked or terminated.  Our membership software tracks IP addresses and will lock your account if attempts are made to log in from multiple IP addresses. 


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By subscribing to the MRI 3D Report (published online within Mritradingsignals.com) the subscriber is agreeing to all written terms and conditions, represents to MRI as being an adult of sound mind and capacity to trade futures.  Further the subscriber acknowledges the risks of futures trading in general, has read and understands all required CFTC disclosures and asserts to having read and understood the MRI guidelines and FAQ.

If the subscriber was introduced to MRI Trading Signals by an outside affiliate or customer of MRI the subscriber acknowledges no statements of past or future performance were made and no guarantees or conditions were made other than those in written form within the MRI Trading Signals website.


Within any 30 calendar day subscription period, MRI tabulates it’s recommended trade entries and exits, exclusive of commissions, fees and slippage, which varies.  Time and Sales data research on every trade would be time consuming and depending on individual exchange rules can and often does vary.  Prioritization must and will be be given towards ongoing trading research.  We do place effort to track ongoing results and the subscriber acknowledges our tabulation is final and without recourse.  MRI isn’t responsible for trades missed or not taken.  Every effort is made to write clear and unambiguous reports.

Note: Sometimes even when using a SINGLE STOP PRICE calculating slippage looking at TIME and SALES reports can be time consuming and inaccurate too, as personally experienced.

In the case of a UNIT SIZE that can be split in two 1/2 UNITS, either 2 separate orders may be used to enter/exit OR a single band of acceptable ENTRIES to a LMT PRICE are used and on exits a single band of STOPS are used.  In this case if the market went into band but didn’t exit it- we’ll calculate 1/2 UNIT entered or exited at the AVERAGE within the range of prices traded within the band.

Obviously, when using LMT orders to enter on a 5pm Central/6pm Eastern ELECTRONIC OPEN, not infrequently, the OPEN PRICE is BETTER than the LMT price entered, and we’ll use it.  As you probably know, once in a while the filled price can be substantially thru the stop price, where different traders will receive different fills.  However, it’s commonplace to be filled at or just 1 to 2 ticks beyond our original GTC STOP.