“I sincerely extend you a warm welcome to the MRI 3D Report, written for you and others like you, a small exclusive group of traders of different backgrounds and experience levels.  My MRI 3D introduction video was produced to be informative as well as enlightening too.  Thank you for your nice feedback on it.  We’ve all shared our epiphany about the advantages MRI 3D represents and experienced our WOW moments, seeing MRI 3D displayed in their charts.  You’ve chosen MRI Trading Signals to access the intelligence what markets specifically say about themselves, thru the prism of my most important discovery MRI 3D.  I’m honored and personally grateful for the privilege of working for you and all of us, within an equitable win/win opportunity.  I wouldn’t want it any other way, and am happy to be able to offer this real choice to you.”

“You’re probably impatient to get started immediately, I would be too.  Here’s the best way to get started: Simply, read a the rest of this page and then a few archived MRI 3D Reports to see how our recommended orders are written. 

As time allows, please be sure to read other articles on (TIME),(PRICE), (DEPTH), (0.272 Ratio), (IMPORTANCE of YEARLY and QUARTERLY SIGNALS), etc.  Reading about the various aspects of this groundbreaking work is to become more fully aware about the irreplaceably powerful edge, most often found in MRI 3D.  Soon your learning curve will get easier and the rhythm of how to optimally utilize the MRI 3D Report will be clear.  Ideally, MRI’s recommendations would be traded in a separate account so not to conflict with other trades or methodologies you may be using, and to easily see your MRI 3D results too.  You should definitely work towards a commitment to follow all MRI 3D Report recommendations and strategies.  Your primary goal is towards becoming disciplined to try trading every signal as instructed to get close to our hypothetical results.  There will be some trading signals “you knew” wouldn’t work.  Hindsight is 20/20.  However, there’s the winning part of the game where there are trades “you really didn’t believe in” that end up winning very nicely.

I personally really want you to prosper with MRI 3D as much as possible, with both you and I doing our best.  I’ve promised you a turnkey explicit MRI 3D Report with no homework, no guess work, no additional training for you to endure, nothing extra to buy or any travel either and these promises are honored.  Of course, no one can promise you a specific return or that you’ll even be profitable.  What I can promise and deliver is beyond anyone else in the industry.  You’ll likely agree, as you saw the powerful methodologies within MRI 3D, disclosed BEFORE you joined us, is better than anything you’ve ever seen before.  My personal mission is working hard and smart for our mutual success and provide you a positive enriching experience.” – Stephen 

“Now, I’ll summarize certain insight, gained over 5 decades of trading and charting experience, going into the design of MRI 3D and share more about what it is and what it isn’t.  Following the brief 9 point summary, I’ll share succinctly, perhaps even bluntly, what I believe is the best and most efficient approach as an ongoing subscriber to the MRI 3D REPORT.”

There are 9 core characteristics about MRI, MRI 3D analysis and trading futures:

  • MRI TIME work is an important source of trading intelligence, especially when combined with PRICE, applied within DEPTH.
  • MRI PRICE work with ratios and extensions are more precise than anything else being promulgated.
  • MRI DEPTH is a PARADIGM SHIFT in technical analysis, utilizing 4 separate chart frames, finding > 3 times the signals!  MRI conducts TIME, PRICE and even some WAVE studies in chart frames nobody else is even looking at.  The vast majority of MRI 3D signals (> 70 %) are found in: Arithmetic Closing Line (ACL), Logarithmic Closing Line (LCL) and LOG Bar (LOG), invisible to others.
  • MRI 3D is multidimensional research intelligence: synergistic and holistic.  It isn’t perfect, however it is superlative.
  • MRI 3D is the clearest language of the market.  Seen in MRI’s charts is the natural order of our world and our species DNA behavioral imprint, therefore it contains spiritual aspects.
  • The ONLY certainty in trading: No trading system or methodology can avoid losses.  MRI excels at cutting losses.
  • The name of the chart isn’t what’s important, as long it’s signals have proven empirical clarity.  The best trades are often the scariest to the unwilling, unaware and unenlightened.
  • MRI strives towards true transparency in disclosing its basic logic.  No one else claiming powerful logic really does that!
  • MRI accepts FULL SUBSCRIPTION FEE ACCOUNTABILITY- in earning it’s 30 day subscription fee only when providing you a minimum standard of winning trades.  Your part is following our recommendations, as closely as possible. (Remember, if we don’t show a 6+ % hypothetical gross profit, excluding commissions, fees or variable slippage during any 30 day subscription, MRI refunds the full subscription fee back to your card.)

“Candid and blunt advice:  The trading legends all say successful trading is a process and not a lucky hot streak. True. Since you’ve joined our group of traders, allow MRI do its job for you.  The trades that allow our mutual success perform well relative to their risk, don’t show up every day or even every week.  The MRI 3D Report will tell you what our charts are saying, when providing you with clear actionable specific recommendations, with the usual required risk disclosures here.”

IMPORTANT! BECOME FAMILIAR with the abbreviations and definitions in HOW TO READ MRI 3D CHARTS: INDEX of TERMS 

MRI 3D engages in trading intelligence gathering and signal reporting.  It is the nature of markets to behave like a pendulum, in frequency and quality of signals.  At times they produce more signals simultaneously or consecutively, using up available margin.  At other times less number of quality signals present, which can be boring, less profitable, and when the temptation begins to overtrade.  Since keeping our 30 day subscription fee is totally contingent on minimum profit results of our recommended trades we strive to AVOID providing excess “boredom trades”, feeling little urge to keep you unnecessarily busy every day.  What’s the point to bog you down with excess “armchair trading type” reading.  There’s plenty of that available elsewhere. That’s not in our mutual best interest. However, should a few days go by, without new trades, an email will be sent to reassure we’re doing our job in maintaining patient vigilance for the quality signal(s) we’ve built our superlative reputation on.  Just remember, at times it is in the nature of markets to give “solid signals” that elect our smaller than ordinary stops, which is stressful, exactly when the temptation can begin to lose our mutual discipline and overtrade.  THAT is to be avoided, which usually leads to a higher drawdown, in turn to possible trading burnout and FEAR to take the next series of better signals, some from higher time frames or longer range daily history.  The best results inevitably come to those with more patience and an even tempered mind set, including myself, of course

At the beginning of each 30 day trading campaign, make a commitment to yourself to try taking every next trade, regardless of personal market bias (“never traded that market before, “got burned in that market”, “______ moves around really fast”, “_______ isn’t sexy/popular”) and, of course, regardless whether you personally agree with the trade.  Another obstacle that could hurt your personal results: “There has been “too many” losses lately and I hate losing trades.”  That’s perfectly understandable, like who does?  STOP.  Consider this: Our stops are very likely smaller than what you may be accustomed to, allowing more favorable risk to reward situations and profitability with a smaller percentage of winning trades than before

An excellent illustrative example: The following results are gross tabulations, excluding variable slippage, commissions & exchange fees.  NOTE: The additional archives are viewable for the period, beginning Sunday APR 23 thru Monday MAY 08.  MRI closed out 19 trades with only 4 wins +1 (hedge) win = 5 wins: + $2,032, averaging $406 per win and 14 losses: -$6,023, averaging (slightly larger) $430 per loss, totaling a $3,991 drawdown = -13.33 %, that’s a BIG drawdown for us!  (Our policy in place is we would stop trading at least several days, in the unlikely event THE MRI HYPOTHETICAL ACCOUNT were to experience > $6,000 = > 20.0 % DRAWDOWN, requiring then a 25 % profitable return to breakeven, which is still reasonable.)  This period looked concerning, especially to newer members.  I admit to making a few mistakes in those trades, in a challenging environment.  THEN, as is commonplace, the market pendulum went quite the other way, my winning psychology rapidly returned too.  From Tuesday MAY 09 thru Sunday MAY 21MRI closed out 11 trades with 8 wins: + $14,067, averaging $1,758 per win with only 3 losses: – $ 675, averaging $225 per loss, totaling $13,392 profits = +44.64 %, a BIG profit for us.  

RESULTS of ALL 30 trades, for both periods, APR 23-MAY 21, totaled a $ 9,401 GROSS PROFIT = +31.33 % RETURN, exclusive of variable slippage, commissions and exchange fees.  There were 13 wins in 4 markets totaling $16.099, averaging $1,238 per win.  There were 17 losses in 7 markets- totaling $6,698, averaging $394 per loss.  The 43.3 % wins averaged 3.14 X LARGER THAN the losses!  NOTE: Our results during BOTH periods were atypically more volatile, with more trades than usual, while the markets were undergoing sort of a frequency shift.  Nonetheless they well illustrate the relative sizes of the wins and the losses are realistically MORE CRUCIAL than % of winning trades, in measuring results!  WHY? Stated another way, CUTTING LOSSES and allowing WINNERS to GROW are BOTH CRUCIAL in overcoming a string of losses or an unusually larger than average drawdown cycle, which happens to even the most successful traders- by design of their RISK CONTROL.  In other words, within challenging market environments, it’s BECAUSE they’ll choose to take the small loss BEFORE they get BIG, they’ll suffer more losses!  Therefore, successful traders typically have more losers than winners, by indirect design.  Remember, markets will stay irrational longer than traders can stay solvent, because eventually, without vigilant risk control– the mother of all losses shows up like a terrible storm.  Remember too, successful trading approaches usually revert to the mean, as below average results usually follow above average results and vice versa.  MRI cautions subscribers against placing too much emphasis on recent results.  Once you have gained experience with the MRI 3D Report you will find our trades easier to follow, not worried about “knowing” which the best ones are, nor second guessing!  MRI 3D signal logic is fully transparent, within many articles and numerous charts.  MRI varies it’s order placement strategies, depending on the trading situation.


  • Start with $30,000 (or more) to trade MRI 3D, as the MRI hypothetical futures trading account.   MRI trades virtually always assume around 1/2 % up to 3.33 % of $30.000 starting equity risk.  Stop loss slippage may add to any loss, sometimes a lot more and sometimes no more.  No one should ever assume a risk above 3.33 % of allocated risk capital (= $ 1,000 + slippage in our Hypothetical account) on any single trade.  Be patient and allow MRI to identify our lower risk high quality trades. 
  • GREED & FEAR ARE THE TRADERS WORST ENEMIES. NEVER ALLOW periods of equity change in either direction make you go full tilt/or emotional. Don’t allow yourself to become greedy or EVER allow yourself to be in a hurry to recoup prior losses by poor risk management or taking marginal trades (FORCING TRADES YOU SHOULDN’T BE TAKING). Others, after an equity drawdown, become fearful of more losses allowing the paralysis of FEAR to set in and PASS UP TRADES YOU SHOULD BE TAKING, perversely those that work well!  Emotional response to WINS and LOSSES is the toughest challenge all traders must master to become and remain successful.  Mastering markets do require a deep knowledge about them, yet is always contingent on SELF MASTERY of emotions in reacting to changes in equity, positive as well as negative.  EMOTIONAL CONTROL IS THE TOUGHEST TRADING LESSON ALL TRADERS MUST MASTER TO ACHIEVE TRADING MASTERY.
  • DO NOT risk more on trades you agree with or pass up those trades you don’t!  Stay consistent with our recommended UNIT size or 1/2 UNIT specified sizes.   
  • DO NOT obsess over or worry about inevitable losses.  We always use GTC stops on open positions, “good to cancelled”.  Although they eventually expire, they’re sufficient for us.  While markets often trade through the stop, the losses are reasonably small relative to the results expected.
  • DO NOT obsess over theoretical profits that could of been made IF we had stayed in and not exited, or exited and not stayed in.  Hindsight is always 20/20.  At the end of your first 20 trades or so you could be seeing an overall profitable outcome, even with a minority of correct trades.  It is human to second guess, but concentrate on the next right thing to do!
  • 5 DAYS a WEEK, Sunday to Thursday, PLEASE CHECK for an emailed LOG IN to the MRI 3D REPORT posted within the MEMBERS ONLY AREA, during the hours of 4:30 pm Central/5:30 pm Eastern and 9:30 pm C/10:30 pm Eastern. (IF there is an additional UPDATE within these times, an additional email will be sent.  NOTE: The MRI 3D REPORT always contain NEW SETUPS, NEW TRADES or GTC STOP UPDATES.  Stopped out trades will not be reported on, as they are so easy to verify.

Obviously, no one can guarantee futures trading returns, however imagine what it will be like when a realistic goal is attained such as our MINIMUM Hypothetical 6+% return (less commissions, fees and slippage). Remember, IF we don’t make the quota WE DON’T GET PAID and refund back to your card!

While these are considered superlative returns by the real world trader they will seem MORE like grinding out the steady profits of a professional blackjack card counter back in the day or pro poker player now than the adrenalin adventure gambler on a lucky streak that suddenly can and does vanish!  MRI finds favorable RISK to REWARD opportunities to benefit from exemplary RISK CONTROL simultaneously.

Trading as a part time or full time business isn’t trading for action and the ego validation of “being proven right”Allow those more undisciplined ones, trading for the wrong reasons, to take the other side of our trades.  We are the house.  Be especially careful about allowing exuberance after a winning streak- over trading in general and/or in relation to your equity or becoming depressed and fearful after a losing series of trades, which also can happen.  Believe it or not, despite any hype you’ve heard before, these are absolutely the top < 1 % performance numbers, beating all but very few or ALL hedge funds.  No other methodology, we’ve seen or are familiar with on the internet can deliver that, within our risk parameters. Only the NO homework, turnkey subscription to the MRI 3D Report, with our empirical analytical edge, can and most likely will allow these type of returns.