Oct27: DX TIME+ACL TOP & EURO TIME LOW+ 9 charts

MRI 3D Charts once again speak quite eloquently.  Take a good look at what is a relatively LOWER RISK SELL in DOLLAR INDEX- DXZ16 Thursday OCT 27.  TUESDAY was a MAJOR DAILY DOUBLE TIME DAY 48DAYS UP/AUG18 = 0.618 X 77DAYS across from MAY03    PLUS a TIME EQUALITY   24DAYS ACROSS FROM SEP 21 = 24 DAYS UP FROM AUG18.

In the DIMENTION OF DEPTH, we observed today a MAJOR ACTIVE DAILY ACL 0.786 x MAR13 2015-MAY02 2016!  We SOLD around 98.840 (with our 98.780 LMT), carrying 99.100 STOP GTC. RISK 0.26 = $260 + slippage per UNIT (2 contracts).  

PLUS we received a LOWER RISK BUY in the EURO Currency- EU6Z16 on Thursday, WITHIN IT’s MAJOR TIME WEEK-  85 WEEKS ACROSS / 09 MAR’15 = 0.618 X 137 WEEKS / 23 JUL 2012.  Thursday, the EURO CURRENCY EU6Z16 presented a Daily LOG/AR 11/16 BUY, CLOSING in the required LOWER 0.382 PART OF RANGE.  We BOT 109.21 LMT (109.18 5PM C/6PM E OPEN) and also BOT 109.155 LMT.  As this article is being posted the range so far is 109.145 LOW and 109.33 High. We are risking 109.035 STOP GTC and 108.97 STOP GTC, around 18 points = $225 per contract or $450 total plus slippage.

BOTH TRADES (2 DXZ16 + 2 EU6Z16) TOTAL RISK = around $970 PLUS SLIPPAGE, to be positioned SHORT at a very possible TOP in the DOLLAR INDEX/ BOTTOM in the EURO Currency.

THESE ARE the TYPE of SIGNAL convergences of TIME and PRICE, within DEPTH of 4 chart frames that are EMPIRICALLY PROVEN to be light years beyond ordinary UNI FRAME methodologies, typically WITHOUT AWARENESS of TIME.