Silver and Gold ARE a Couple. WHO is LEADING?

MRI 3D tracks the “LEADERSHIP DYNAMIC” within the market pairs such as SILVER and  GOLD and the ULTRABOND and the TREASURY BOND.  We would normally expect to see the more volatile SILVER leading the less volatile GOLD and the more volatile ULTRABOND normally leading the less volatile TREASURY BOND.  MRI 3D specifically looks for anomalies in their traditional power dynamic.  Examples would include a BULLISH DIVERGENCE, i.e. a lower close in the SILVER (Active) WEEKLY or MONTHLY with clear STRENGTH present COMPARED to GOLD, meaning SILVER fell LESS than GOLD percentage wise, during the WEEK or MONTH. What is most important is the 1ST DIVERGENCE, labeled as “SI/GC 1ST D“. Vice Versa is a BEARISH DIVERGENCE, i.e. a higher close in SILVER occurs with clear WEAKNESS compared to GOLD, meaning SILVER rose LESS than GOLD percentage wise.  As one would expect, “UB/US 1ST D” divergences occur exactly the same way as in the preceding “SI/GC 1ST D” examples.

The following SILVER charts contain annotated examples of SI/GC 1ST DIVERGENCES to GOLD.