Important 1976-2016 Gold signals

gold-163519_1280Let’s review just a fraction of powerful signals the Gold market has presented to those traders IN THE KNOW:   The following 4 SEQUENTIAL secular low/high/low/high closes were found using MRI 3D.

  1. Following the September 2011 Gold top the lowest close was on June 28th, 2013 at 1200.00, sparking a rally top to:
  2. The highest Gold close found on August 28th, 2013 at 1417.50, leading to:
  3. The next lowest close on December 19, 2013 at 1187.10 followed by the:
  4. Next highest close on March 14th, 2014 at 1381.80.

All four were Daily ACL signals from the arithmetic closing line chart frame.  2015’s YEARLY close was an exact ACL 3/8 retracement of 1969’s YEARLY 35.20 close up to the highest YEARLY close in 2012 at 1675.60.  With less than $20 implied risk, Gold rallied to 2016’s highest DAILY close 1370.30 on August 2nd, a perfect fractal ACL 3/8!

You may view these signals, as well as other important ones, on annotated charts in the article titled “GOLD NOW”.

Additionally, in reviewing the historical Gold futures market, the lowest daily close of 1976 at 102.80 was revealed using MRI’s 0.272 ratio in the logarithmic closing line chart frame.  Gold presented this low close as LCL 0.272 X (1834-1934 fixed price) $20.67 to highest daily close February 20, 1975 at 187.70  =  103.00.  Note the extreme precision within 0.20!  Gold’s massive bull run to the January 1980 873.00 high began here.  Along the way a perfect daily fractal LCL 0.272 presented on January 14, 1977 at the 137.90 close.  Another “all aboard” ACL occurred April 24-25th, 1978, at 168.40, prior to reaching 247.00 in October 1978.  The lowest subsequent low close of November 29th, 1978 presented as an ACL 0.382 X August 30th, 1976 – October 30th, 1978 at 192.60.  The true “last train out” presented as an ACL on the following lowest close November 1st, 1979 at 372.00.  Keep in mind within 3 months the secular top close was reached on January 21st, 1980 at 834.00! Afterwards the lowest daily close (of 1980) was indicated on March 27th at 463.00 as an ACL, sparking a rally well into the 700’s within 6 months.

MRI 3D nailed the lowest daily close of 1985 at 284.10 on March 27th, presenting as “my other ratio” 11/16 ACL X January 16-19th, 1970 (London lowest pool fixing) 34.75 to the secular high 834.00 close.

MRI 3D also indicated the secular low WEEKLY close of 12 July, 1999 at 254.70 as an ACL 0.786 X 23 August, 1976- 14 January, 1980.  Using a 1.00 arithmetic price extension from the August 1976 100.00 low to the 873.00 January 1980 high, measured from the 1999 low of 253.20 gives a target of 1026.20, the actual high of 1033.50 reached in the week of 17 March, 2008 before correcting to 681.00 within 7 months in October 2008!

To see these, as well as other important signals, on annotated charts: click to the articles  “GOLD THEN” and “GOLD NOW”.