The first 4 GOLD charts, 1-4, are displayed in the 3rd dimension of DEPTH, in each of the 4 uniquely different chart frames, ACL, AR, LCL and LOG, in the Active MONTHLY (AM) TIME frame, displaying PRICE signals.

The following 4 GOLD charts, 5-8, are also displayed in DEPTH, in ACL, AR, LCL and LOG chart frames, in the Active WEEKLY (AW) TIME frame, displaying PRICE signals.



GOLD, like SILVER and other major markets MRI follows, are replete with major signals.  The vast majority of them, well over TWO out of THREE, derive from OUTSIDE the Arithmetic bar chart frame!  The following charts are more signal examples from outside the standard bar chart, the first 4 are IMPORTANT ADC (active daily continuation) ACL’s, having exerted great influence on Gold.

Following are 4 GOLD AW (active WEEKLY) FULLY LABELED charts are shown, ZOOMING IN to better illustrate the detail of MRI.  These include labeled signals from related exogenous markets UGLD 3X ETF, DGP 2X ETF, GLD ETF and YG Mini GOLD.  TIME within this WEEKLY time frame is also annotated.