CQG Data and Charts are simply the best available!

Exclusively to MRI 3D subscribers - with ZERO exchange fees.


You will notice that the charts shown on this website are exclusively Commodity Quote Graphics (CQG) charts.  There is good reason for that.  CQG offers top of the line charting and data accuracy, also providing charts in their multiple chart frames (arithmetic, logarithmic and their 2 closing lines) absolutely necessary for MRI 3D analysis.

Since 1989 I’ve subscribed to the real time quotes and charts of CQG.  I couldn’t have made my discoveries in charting without it. Thank you, CQG.

Obviously by subscribing to the turnkey/no homework MRI 3D Report, you will not need this level of data, but if you already have other real time data or are curious about how to apply MRI 3D on your own, the offer is there for you to try CQG.

Visit the CQG website.

Contact Melody Baker, anytime you’re ready, to find out more about CQG at  melody@cqg.com   Simply write “MRI- Referral” in the subject line of your email.  She will confirm with us that you know Stephen Cox and you are good to go.