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UPDATE ACCOUNT: How do I update my account information?

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I'M BUSY! With my MRI 3D subscription there's really never any homework?

No.  There is never any homework.  Once we email you an alert with LOG IN link, just a few minutes to log in, update your positions and/or their protective stops is all it takes.

Of course, you are welcome and encouraged to read our articles and blog updates with annotated charts as your interest and time allows.

For new subscribers there’s a user friendly “How to Read MRI 3D Charts and Reports” within the HOME PAGE.  There is also a sample MRI 3D Report posted.

SYMBOLS & TERMS KEY: How do I interpret the abbreviations and terminology used in charts and MRI 3D reports?

How do you personally feel about publicly disclosing the MRI 3D PARADIGM SHIFT in your articles and charts?

It is my calling, particularly in these times, to help other traders get the best results I can provide from their trading.  I’m not paranoid about disclosing the basic MRI 3D logic.

Few traders would attempt to “reinvent the wheel” of MRI 3D’s 12 futures markets.  Proper MRI 3D requires the analysis of 4 chart frames, applied within 6 time frames (Yearly to intraday), using related markets to form market GROUPS, requiring comprehensive and detailed chart work.  Most traders simply don’t have the time, the experience, nor the quality of data required (costing $1,000 or more per month).

If MRI 3D trading signals are so effective why offer them by subscription?

SHORT ANSWER:  WHY NOT? MRI 3D is too important to remain in use by only a few “deep pocket interests”, whose footprints are shown throughout MRI 3D charts from the 1970’s through today.  Our orientation toward futures and DEPTH of TIME PRICE detail will keep it outside mainstream trading.  Our exclusive membership simply won’t rock the boat in MRI 3D markets, with their typical trading volume of 50K- 100K or more contracts traded daily.

Now, for the first time, a busy individual seeking more can subscribe to the wholly performance based MRI 3D Report, an exclusive membership.  MRI’s purpose is to give something back, helping people towards reaching their trading goals.

As you’ve seen in our introduction video, MRI provides unique accountability in being compensated ONLY for a job well done, refunding the subscription fee refund otherwise!  Details are in our brief (4 minute) introduction video and in the MRI 3D 30 Days 6 % Performance Subscription article, in the top row of articles on the homepage, as well as out Terms of Service.  Success begins with a decision. Subscribe today!


MORE DETAIL:  As dramatic as this may sound we either evolve or we devolve and perish as many species have.  It’s been said it’s not survival of the strongest or most intelligent but survival of the most responsive to change.  That analogy is especially applicable to trading.  We had better open our eyes to our opportunities towards prosperity rather than merely fixate on fear and scarcity.

Stephen Cox invested well over 10,000 hours into direct research, drawing on his 5 decades trading charts and 28 years using CQG data to find good purpose in making MRI 3D available to INDIVIDUAL traders like himself.  As our MRI 3D charts prove, this open secret has remained very much outside the mainstream and only benefiting the few “in the know” with far more resources, choices and connections.  Until now, with the MRI 3D Report.

Any motivated trader with the correct data is free to study MRI 3D, the new paradigm in technical analysis and utilize it.

Some humble personal philosophy:  “My life’s work in charting has led me to important original discovery OUTSIDE the HIVE MIND of conventional analysis.  For me personally, my passion and reward for finding the “hidden order” real time market turn is greater than just the money by itself.  I spend most of my working time in “my laboratory of price discovery”.  From the beginning, 4 decades ago, I’ve held futures positions overnight, hence have no interest in being some huge DAY trader.  Patience is most important. The rewards come to those waiting for the obvious signals to present themselves, cutting losses and not overtrading.  I try, and often do reflect these core values in my MRI 3D Report.

With MRI 3D, I am gratefully and humbly adding to the knowledge left behind by others before me.  I feel it’s my calling to solve the chart puzzle and my purpose to help others with my solutions!  So to the skeptic like me who asks why I would reveal some of my work to the MRI Trading Signal web site visitor:  I feel compelled to share it as my contribution to the field of technical analysis and obviously to promote interest in the MRI 3D Report. 


I’m happy to be offering a one time FREE/zero exchange fee one month trial to CQG, anytime you want during any MRI 3D subscription.  A 2nd month is also available, where you only pay for the exchange fees.

Thank you for spending your precious time in this site and I pledge to work hard for those that select themselves to receive the MRI 3D reports.  The market reveals self evident truths in their charts and this highly detailed approach isn’t the holy grail, as that doesn’t exist, but is far more informational than conventional mass accepted methodology.”

Does MRI disclose it's logic behind MRI 3D trading signals?

Yes, of course. Every MRI 3D report includes signal logic. We disclose exactly what we’re seeing in every signal.    

Throughout the MRI Trading Signals website all articles containing MRI 3D charts are annotated with mostly original logic.  Additional MRI 3D logic disclosure is found within topic specific articles covering the 3 dimensions DEPTH, TIME and PRICE, YEARLY/QUARTERLY TIME FRAMES and HISTORICAL/CURRENT MARKETS.

Additionally, selected BONUS trades (“Freebies”) are posted with TIME and/or PRICE logic, including annotated charts.

Note: On our home page there is a featured article for subscribers and visitors:  HOW TO READ MRI 3D CHARTS and REPORTS:  Index of abbreviations and terms

Just a few minutes to log in, update your positions and/or their protective stops is all it takes.

WHAT TIMES are the MRI 3D reports posted to the MEMBERS AREA ?


You’ll receive an emailed notification with LOGIN LINK, as soon as the MRI 3D Report, and any additional UPDATES, are posted between 4:30 pm C/5:30 pm E and 9:30 pm C/10:30 pm E.  We publish new reports only on the evenings new trades or new GTC STOPS are posted, Sunday to Thursday.

On Sundays, FIRST check for email notifications shortly before the 5pm C/6pm E OPEN, THEN check again shortly after the OPEN.

NEW signals are posted as timely as possible, sometimes requiring additional information to follow, within the same report, with an additional email notification, with LOGIN LINK.

HOW OFTEN are MRI 3D reports published?


The MRI 3D Report is available in ANNUAL 12 month or 30 DAYS 6+% PERFORMANCE BASED subscriptions, posted with email notification in our MEMBERS area.  See more in the subscription article on home page for more detail.

  • MRI 3D Weekend Reports are posted on Sunday’s, depending on new signal occurrance, between 4:30 pm Central/5:30 pm Eastern and 9:30 pm Central/10:30 pm Eastern.  Occasionally an overnight / PRE OPEN Monday report may be posted.  Daily UPDATES will be posted, as needed, Monday thru Thursday evenings.
  • The MRI 3D MONTHLY Report covers specific markets of trading interest and will be available on the first trading day of the new month.
  • The MRI 3D QUARTERLY Report covers specific markets of trading interest within the TIME FRAME and are available by the first trading day of the new quarter.
  • The MRI 3D YEARLY REPORT covers specific markets of specific trading interest within the TIME FRAME and are available along with the QUARTERLY REPORT.

Reports are posted within our MEMBERS area, as soon as they are available.  As soon as possible you will receive an email notification to the address provided (with LOG-IN link) notifying you the new report has been posted.  Special situation alert notifications are also sent to your inbox.

My days are full and I sleep at night. Will I miss trades?

No, you shouldn’t miss trades.  Our recommended trades are initiated by you, after receiving our email notification(s), with login link. 

MRI 3D Reports and any additional UPDATES are posted in the subscription area on Sundays in the hours between 4:30 pm Central/5:30 pm Eastern and 9:30 pm Central/10:30 pm Eastern.

Intraweek daily reports may be issued in the evenings Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursdays, as necessary.

IF I HAVE A QUESTION- Stephen Cox will call me personally?

Yes, and there’s no charge!  Additional time resources cannot be set aside to answer individual emails, as it would take too much time away from MRI 3D research.  Stephen Cox personally signs off on everything released and strives to make the high skill trading game as simple and interesting as possible.  Instead, here’s the better solution.

A COMPLIMENTARY PERSONAL PHONE CALL FROM STEPHEN MAY BE SCHEDULED:  Stephen will call you directly and speak with you (up to about 15 minutes) on EITHER on a WEDNESDAY evening, between 8pm-10pm Central/9pm-10 pm Eastern

OR on a FRIDAY afternoon, between 1pm to 3pm Central /2pm to 4pm Eastern/ Friday evenings, within UK/Ireland and Central European (MEZ) time zones.  Stephen wird gerne mit ihnen auf Deutsch sprechen, um seine langsam verschwindenen Sprach kenntnisse aufrectzuhalten.

For WEDNESDAY EVENING CALL: GO TO CONTACT and simply email MRI your request on the call day Wednesday, anytime UP to 6 pm Central/6pm Eastern.

FOR FRIDAY AFTERNOON CALL: GO TO CONTACT and simply email MRI the day before (Thursday) OR on the call day Friday UP to NOON Central/1pm Eastern.

WHAT TO TELL US:  Please write CALL REQUEST in the title bar. In the text provide your name and your phone number.  Let me know if you are a subscriber. 

Of course, your number remains confidential.

“Please be available during the 2 hour band and I will definitely make the effort to reach you.  Please return the courtesy by being ready for my call, in a quiet environment, if possible.  I look forward to answering your question(s) and talking with you soon.”

SINCE well over 99 % of SENT emails ARRIVE, DO NOT look for a confirmation response.

Do I need real time data to utilize the specific information in the report?

No, definitely not.  You don’t require or necessarily want real-time data, if you don’t currently have any.  You will only require an online trading platform or a trading desk to take phone orders Sunday through Thursday evenings from 4:30 pm Central/5pm Eastern to 9:30 pm Central/10:30 pm Eastern. During these 5 hours we initiate 98+ % of our trades. The other < 2 % on Friday’s, before the close, ONLY WITH PRIOR NOTICE in the occasional Thursday evening MRI 3D Report.

What is the recommended minimum account size to trade MRI's signals?

Our hypothetical futures account trades the 30 day 6+% MINIMUM PERFORMANCE with $30,000.  This amount should be sufficient to trade our recommended MRI STANDARD UNIT SIZES. See the MRI SUBSCRIPTION ARTICLE for more details.

Once you were to follow MRI 3D Report recommendations, with discipline, not allowing personal bias towards specific trades or markets to interfere, your trading should become better and less stressful.  Of course, no one can legally make return/profitability guarantees, yet we have every reason to be confident, and so should you.  Remember, MRI doesn’t keep its fee, unless it earns the specific minimum within YOUR 30 DAYS SUBSCRIPTION.

How does MRI select the specific markets to focus on?

Our markets select(ed) themselves!  Important criteria considered in market selection is:

1) Overall ranking of their “performance personality”- historical and current accuracy and ability to articulate intention transparently.

2) Their historical trading margins in relation to size of captured moves.

3) Their depth of market liquidity.

Additionally, we filtered out time consuming markets with strong day trading emphasis, no matter their popularity- such as the SP 500 e-mini.  Another concern is the increasing high reliance on central bank policy and their effects on the stock indexes, e.g. SP 500, DOW, NASDAQ, etc.

We strongly advocate the relative popularity of a market to be of lessor relative value in market selection. Our carefully selected list of markets covered should provide the MRI 3D subscriber ample and impressive signal opportunities.

Which markets are included in the MRI 3D report?

MRI 3D trading signals are issued in 12 futures markets, with additional research in 2 related futures and 6 related ETF’s. Related markets often give MRI additional input so we can deliver a superlative information flow, within your turn key subscription, with no homework at all.

Trade results from the following FUTURES markets are tabulated in 6+ % Hypothetical MRI futures account:

Markets in BOLD– from ALL TIME FRAMES Daily to YEARLY

Markets not BOLD- from an original MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, YEARLY signal- triggered in the Daily or WEEKLY.

GOLD (GC)- with input only from 2 related ETF’s (GLD, UGLD)

SILVER (SI)- with input only from 2 related ETF’s (SLV, USLV)

CRUDE OIL (CL front month along with 2 to 3 specific trading months)

HEATING OIL (HO front month, along with 2 specific trading months)










BONUS TRADES (Freebies”):

Occasionally, MRI may release trading signals in PALLADIUM, MEXICAN PESO, CABLE, FXI CHINA 25, AAPL and/or GE, and/or other higher volume type securities, as BONUS TRADES, which aren’t tabulated.  You are never required to maintain a securities account or trade related ETF’s in the higher margin sizes equivalent to futures.

Forex trades in many pairs outside the Dollar. MRI 3D likes following the excellent Dollar Index/ Euro dynamic.

Russian Ruble is an interesting market, unfortunately market depth and liquidity don’t show up until the Moscow open, around 1am Central/2am Eastern, way too late for most everyone.

What is the pricing on the 30 DAY 6+% PERFORMANCE and ANNUAL subscriptions?

Click here to the ordering information page.

My MRI 3D subscription is NON RECURRING billing, so I DO NOT have to cancel but would I have to renew?

Yes, you would need to renew.  Subscriptions are paid in full for the selected 30 DAYS or 12 month ANNUAL.  If you are concerned about subscription interruption, you may renew early anytime during your subscription and the new subscription will just be added to the end of your current subscription, without losing any time.

We don’t believe in automatically renewing subscriptions and neither should you.  Sold as convenience, wouldn’t you rather remember to renew than cancel?  MRI wants you to make the conscious commitment to your trading when you subscribe to MRI 3D.  We aren’t worried you’ll forget to renew.  We’re here to give you the MRI 3D edge whenever you’re ready.  MRI is here for YOU.

Does MRI really only KEEP their fee based PURELY on PERFORMANCE?

There is a FULL MONEY BACK refund should MRI not reach it’s 6+ % PERFORMANCE MINIMUM on it’s $30K Hypothetical MRI 3D futures account DURING your 30 DAY subscription.  See the MRI 30 DAY 6+% PERFORMANCE SUBSCRIPTION article.

There’s no hype or wild claims.  Feel free to peruse our trading articles and original MRI 3D charts and see for yourself that we understand the charts at a deeper more creative level.  We’re confident and you should be confident too.  Success begins with a decision. Subscribe today.

With one time only billing no one pays for a subscription they forgot to cancel or aren’t committed to utilizing.

Will I ever be pitched on any EXTRAS such as seminars or extra training?

No, never.  Your MRI 3D subscription is turnkey!

As stated, there’s no homework, formal training or anything extra to spend more money on.  Just a few minutes to update your positions and/or their protective stops is all it takes.

Should you want to learn MRI 3D anyway then it is a free process.  You are welcome to read our articles and blog updates with charts as your interest and time allows.  Additionally, you may follow MRI 3D logic, always included in the MRI 3D Report.

Is there a futures broker you would recommend?

Yes.  Stephen has known Steve Baumhart of SJB Futures in Chicago well over 10 years.  He is very competent, helpful and frankly the best individual futures broker he has dealt with. He can be reached at (800) 395-0446, 7am-4pm Central/8am-5pm Eastern.

May I pause my subscription?

Unfortunately no.  We are unable to pause subscriptions.