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Due to the priority placed on delivering quality reports, we are unable to answer individual emails or unscheduled calls.  MRI doesn’t have a marketing department. We don’t mass market customers and never will.  Our subscribers joining us either read an MRI article, heard about us through word of mouth or saw an MRI ad.  Substantial efforts have been made to answer most any question here on the site, PLEASE SEE FAQ and specific MRI 3D logic disclosure within our articles.  However, if you do have a question that is not answered here, the following option IS currently available:

A COMPLIMENTARY PERSONAL PHONE CALL FROM STEPHEN MAY BE SCHEDULED.  Stephen will call you directly and speak with you up to approximately 15 minutes (depending on his requested call schedule) EITHER WEDNESDAY evening-BETWEEN 9pm to 11pm EASTERN OR FRIDAY afternoon BETWEEN 2pm to 4pm EASTERN = Friday evenings within UK/Ireland and Central European time zones. (For our German speakers: Stephen wird gerne im Telefon Gespraech ihre Fragen auf Deutsch beantworten.)

For WEDNESDAY EVENING CALL: simply email MRI (link at top of page) your request on the call day WEDNESDAY up to 8pm EASTERN, so you’ll know your schedule well.

For FRIDAY AFTERNOON CALL: simply email MRI (link at top of page) your request the day before (Thursday) OR on call day FRIDAY UP to 1pm EASTERN, so you’ll know your schedule well.

IMPORTANT:  WRITE CALL REQUEST in the title and provide your name, your phone number and IF YOU DEFINITELY HAVE A PREFERENCE- WHICH ONE HOUR time span (EASTERN) you would prefer, e.g. “9pm to 10pm EASTERN” OR “10pm to 11pm EASTERN”, e.g. “2pm to 3pm EASTERN” OR “3pm to 4pm EASTERN”.

“Please be available during the 2 hour band, OR YOUR REQUESTED 1 hour band, and I will make the effort to reach you.  Please return the courtesy by being ready for my call in a quiet environment.  I do look forward to talking with you soon.”

SINCE well over 99 % SENT emails do arrive, please DO NOT expect a response. THANKS.